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Step aside Edward Cullen, the real vampires have arrived. No more twinkling in the sun, no more living it up in a glass house, and no more denying your thirst. Enter the Daltons and their companions from Bromley Marks. Beware of stakes and expose to sunlight at your own risk!

CC Used:

Default male face by Peggy (Though using the EA faces or any other should not effect the outcome much)

Skintone by Aikea Guinea made non-default: here

Bite marks by Lady Frontbum: here

Hair by catfish @ GoS: here

Eyes are Tiffany Glaze (contacts version): here

Lined lips by Papercat Sims (@ bottom of page): here

Hi-def Blush by Kitty Klan: here

Trenchcoat outfit by Newone: here

Hoodie by Heiret: here

Also please not that Ed was made using custom sliders! He might look slightly odd without them.

If you have any trouble downloading this sim or getting him to show up properly in-game, please feel free to contact me. Thanks & enjoy!

Download Edward Dalton Human v.1

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