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This is a simple set of four new outdoor pieces. There are two trees (both CAStable), and two styles of dying grass (Grass style #1 is non-CAStable, but style #2 is CAStable). All are new meshes with new textures. They are categorized correctly, with the trees in with the trees in build mode and the grass with the flowers. Files once unzipped are in package format. Please feel free to contact me if you have any problems downloading and/or installing any of my files. Thanks & enjoy!

_Outdoors Set #1_


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How are you doing this - so fast and so beatyful meshes? thank you :D

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YES!! Dying grass ♥ and the trees looks so amazing! Love them :D

You did a great work!

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I had four days off work, so I felt like I should do something constructive. :)

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Shai AlessaGillespie
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Thanks so much for this !!

You're my hero Syren !!

I L-O-V-E your work, it's INCREDIBLE !!!


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