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This asylum set includes three new meshes. There are two styles of patients/corpses (depending on your use for them), and one wheelchair (decorative only). The covered bodies have three recolorable parts (1: the burlap head sack, 2: the sheet covering, and 3: the exposed skin). The wheelchair also has three recolorable parts (1: the wheels, 2: the seat covering, and 3: the metal frame). There are two links for download; one for package format and one for Sims3Pack format. Please feel free to contact me if you have any problems downloading and/or installing any of my files. Thanks & enjoy!

_Asylum Set #1_

Download .package

Download .Sims3Pack

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How are you doing this? Its great - my favorite mesher :D

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Actually these bodies were the result of me sitting around wondering how I could use the burlap sack piece. I knew I eventually wanted more random bodies that would sit on top of other objects anyway, so I wound up making these. I enjoyed making these so much though, that I've already made more and some versions without the sheet coverings too! :)

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Shai AlessaGillespie
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Thank you so much for this Syren !! I really like it, you're my hero

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I love you for this!!! Another phantastic set! Thank you very much <3<3<3

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Wow, amazing work!  I felt compelled to create an account here to pass that message along.  GREAT stuff! 

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EEEE. Thankyouthankyouthankyou. <3

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eeek!! Brilliant! i can't wait to start using these in game!! :D

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