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Libra Witch
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My name is Cyndi and I've been simming for almost 10 years starting with SIMS 1 all the way through to SIMS 3 and I'm more addicted than ever.  I came her looking for witchy items for my self SIM because as my name indicates...I am a witch. LOL

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Hi there Libra Witch. I'm new to Sims and already am addicted. Sims 3 Supernatural just called out to me. My wife and I are real witches (Wiccans) here in Missouri. I came here to this site looking for some witchy stuff as well. Let's get acquainted.
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Hi & Welcome! I'm sure you'll find plenty of what you're looking for here, but if you don't drop me a request and I'll see what I can do!


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i´m new here and i have a question:

 because i can´t find the terms of use on your site! - please excuse my english!
can i use your gorgeous objects in my houses to distribute them online on "my" site? of course
i would give credit to your site!

sincerely yours,
weckermaus - designerin by

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